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Health and Wellness

Are you tired of the gym? Are you tired of the gym atmosphere? Are you not enjoying your regular workout? Ballroom dancing is a great way to exercise without feeling you are working out. If you have never tried ballroom dancing, you would be surprised how much of a workout dancing really is. Taking dance lessons improves your motor skills, coordination, and balance. You learn to move your body more gracefully as you move around the floor. All this while providing a "total body" workout. Ballroom dancing isn't just physical exercise, it is a mental exercise as well. You have to memorize the steps and do them without a second thought. There is documented evidence that ballroom dancing improves your memory.

Control Stress

Dancing can be relaxing. You lose yourself in the music and movement. In no time, you feel the stress melt away. Dancing is a physical way of meditating. Dancing is like taking a mini-vacation from the stress of everyday life - you have to be in the moment.

Rekindle the Fire

Taking ballroom dance lessons together provides the perfect "date night". You can get back into each other and embrace a new and exciting hobby. Ballroom dancing is all about enhancing your life. 

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